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 Baptist Church

Reflection November 13, 2016

Some Reflections sent to Beth Aldworth before she went home to God

     “Beth, I want you to know what a big impact you have had on me … I am always struck by your kindness, your curiosity, your gentleness, your sweetness, and your caring for others. You have an uncommon warmth about you and an ability to make people comfortable and to be ‘real’ with people – there is nothing phony about you.

     “You listen with interest to everyone and express your own thoughtful ideas with generosity and humility. Your compassion for people is a beautiful example to all of us ... And, of course, this must be said: You are also stunningly beautiful.

     “Perhaps I am a bit biased because I know what a beautiful spirit you have and when you love someone you can’t help but think they look beautiful, but I remember the first time I met you. I couldn’t stop staring at you because I was in awe of how pretty you are … Your beautiful eyes and your happy smile – perhaps it’s your kindness that shines through and makes your features so lovely.

     “Beth, I am sad beyond words to have to say goodbye to you sooner than I ever imagined … We all love you so much.”  Laura Greenfield

     “Tom has been my friend for more than 20 years. I know what his life was like before you came into it, and I know the great richness and joy – let’s just call it love – that he was finally able to experience with you. You have truly been a blessing for him.” Sam Hamburg

     “The love between you and Tom has always been amazing to observe and be a part of – I’ve thought this since the first time I saw you two together at a family reunion, dancing joyfully together with such strong looks of love for each other!

     “At the time, your love seemed to have only one obstacle – Tom’s priesthood, although I was confident your love was stronger than this obstacle, as it proved to be.

     “You are now faced with the obstacle of death – another obstacle I am confident your love will conquer. Just as undeniable as death is, your love is undeniable. You are true soul-mates, and even death cannot overcome this ...

     “Beth, you are so beautiful. I remember being a young girl and looking up to my oldest cousin with a sense of awe! You are always beautiful, kind, compassionate, and generous. Thank you, Beth, for all you are. You truly make this world a better place for being in it. Even in your sickness and struggle toward death, I know you are emanating love.” Nancy Sawyer

     “In our mind’s eye, we will always picture you two dancing!” Ron Klimaitis

     “Dearest Beth, I hope you know how much I treasured your friendship ... I find it so unfair for someone who took great care of herself and acted as a champion for others to be taken from us so abruptly ... Perhaps you are teaching us life is fleeting and to make the most of each moment.” Deanna Machay

     “Beth, I love you and can’t stop thinking of you, and how difficult and painful this must be. I have always looked up to you for your sweet, positive, loving and encouraging personality … Please know how much you are loved and admired. You are a bright light in my life and heart and always will be.” Mary Miner

     “Beth, I will always remember your grace, warm heart and beauty. Thank you for your warmth, for your friendship, and for your beautiful music … You and Tom had more love than most do over decades. Love endures forever.” Beth O’Grady

     “Beth, you are one of the treasures of my life. Your contributions to the flute choir, the duets during our lessons, your friendship and thoughtful discussions!” Irene Claude

     “Please know, Beth, that you have touched our lives in more ways than you might imagine. From the thrill of running half marathons to the happiness of playing the flute to the sheer pleasure with which you delight in your grandchildren, Daphne and Clark, to your thoughtfulness and kindness to all members of our family – you have modeled a life full of love and joy. You are so very special and dear to us.”

Mary Lou Greenfield

     “Dear Beth: I want you to know how very much you are loved and cherished by me and our whole family. It feels so-so wrong to have to say goodbye to you so early in life. It is truly devastating … You are such a wonderful mother-in-law and have always made me feel welcome and special to you.

     “Your thoughtfulness and generosity have made me feel so loved … I will continue to talk to Daphne and Clark about their Grandma Beth and be sure they carry you with them as they grow up … Your kind, sweet voice will always be in my head and my heart … you are fantastic and will be missed in every way possible.” Hannah Somers

     “That such a beautiful person as you are, one so passionate about justice and fairness, should be a victim of that which is unjustifiable – is unfair and unexplainable. You have contributed so much to the life of our church and I’m grateful. The love you exhibited for Thomas is amazing to behold. And how much he loves you is evident at every turn.” Rev. Millie Myren

     “I shall remember Beth as a most brave and faith-filled woman who had a presence of quiet elegance – and loved ALL things.” Aretha Hampton

     “Dear Beth: Thank you for the good and beautiful life that you led. You and Thomas make a beautiful couple. You gave such good counsel, lovely flute music and an excellent example in how to live a good and full life. You have a mighty spirit that will take you on your next journey … Thanks again for your noble life.” Judge Sheila Murphy

     “Tom: Beth loved you so much. We love her for how happy she made you. She was your soul-mate forever.” Jack Aldworth

     “Beth, thank you, my sister-friend! God sent you to shine a loving light into so many lives – for that I love you.” Annether Baines