Morgan Park

 Baptist Church

11024 S. Bell Avenue 

Chicago, IL 60643


Rev. Dr. Thomas Aldworth, Pastor

Rev. Millie Myren, Support Minister

Morgan Park Baptist Church Calendar

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The Center for Spiritual Health


"All of Paul" - In the order he wrote them! 
-1st & 3rd Wednesday mornings from 11 AM until noon in the church parlor!  
-Led by Rev. Dr. Thomas Aldworth.  

11:00 AM - Worship Service - Church Parlor until the Fall
     First Sundays are family worship with Holy Communion (No children's Sunday School on first Sundays)
     Children's Sunday School & Child Care:
          1st Floor Educational Building:
          Grade School Children - Sunday School Room
      Babies and Toddlers - Nursery
          Little Bitty Bible Class (Children ages 4-8 years old) - Prayer Room 
12:15 PM - Coffee Fellowship - Church Parlor     

Weekly Activities
     7:30 PM - Boy Scouts - Gym

Monday through Saturday
     Cub Scout Den Meetings - Gym & Cub Scout room
     Times vary- Call Rob Eppley for information (773-238-9311)

Monday through Friday - "JUST FOR KIDS"
     Before & After School Program & Preschool
     Call Cassandra Taylor for information (773-779-9070)
     We share space with this licensed before/after school program & preschool